This Makes Opening the Hips So Much Easier

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This Makes Opening the Hips A Lot Easier

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  1. This works! ☝🏻😳
    I watched another video that promotes keeping your “butt on the wall” (or as you say, “sticking your butt out”).

    I tried it yesterday, and this opens the hips so easily.

    Fixes my big miss
    … “early extension” 🙅🏼‍♂️
    Most people think early extension is rising up or “coming out of your posture”, but it’s hips moving toward the ball.

    I’m not sure about pointing “the belt buckle down”. I prefer “butt on the wall”
    … same result.
    Great video 👍🏻 … keep up the good work!

  2. So that’s me, doing this in the mirror for the next few hours. Thanks for the drills. Great channel!

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