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  1. What about if you hit it to high? I get no roll on my drives and the ball ends upright by my ball mark sometimes it comes back a foot or two.

    1. For irons, seems like you might be flipping the club at impact (shaft is inline or ahead of your trail arm) or the ball is too far forward in your stance and you weight is not shifting forward. For driver it could be that your attack angle is too steep and you’re contacting the ball too high on the club face.

    2. Your angle of attack might be negative, which means you hit down with your driver, this creates lots of backspin you dont want generally with driver

  2. Did you know…if you throw a ball up and then throw it harder it’ll go higher than the time before? 😂😂 People trying to hit it higher are trying to do it earlier in the flight to get over a tree i.e change the launch angle, not get it flying higher when it’s past the tree…be more useful to have a vid on that than basic physics.

    Like the points on swing speed though.

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