This 2 Part Backswing Move Changes Everything

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  1. Mr Ballard, Sir: I have the same basic approach to the swing β€” more involved than what was covered in this short video, of course, but nice to hear someone teaching golf in agreement with my own learning of the swing.

  2. I’m not criticizing what you’re teaching – but, it took 12:48 minutes to describe what could have been done in 2 or 3 minutes? Telling is not teaching – golf instructors need to study how people learn. There has to be a better way?

  3. The golf swing seems so simple once you understand it. You’ve helped me with my motion, flattening the plane, and using lag. I really like your videos. I’ve progressed from game improvement irons to blades. Mind you, I purchased some really nice blades that were used, but before I invest, I’m going to be very efficient with those clubs before purchasing a nice new set of irons.

    Oh, I used an old dog bed for a hitting bag. Works great!! Dog was not in the bed when smashed my clubs through it.

  4. Thanks Clay! Now I have a better understanding of “too deep” vs. “wide”, something I’m working on correcting. This video with drills to get into the proper backswing position, even though it seems simple, are extremely helpful for me.

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