The Worst ALIGNMENT MISTAKES Golfers Make | Easy to Fix

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  1. The best tip I’ve seen is from Danny Maude and is to put your trail hand on the side of the thigh and then slide it down the leg and take your grip from there. That tilts the shoulders as well as closes or squares them up if they are a bit open. Last two rounds of using this at set up has seen me drive it as good as I ever have. Fingers crossed. 🀞

    1. I remember that video from Danny. I use that strategy also. And from Clay I utilize weight transfer and shallowing the club to swing inside out. Great stuff from both instructor!

  2. Great video but as you step in to the shot, how do you know your shoulders are aligned? In other words, how far left of the target do you align your shoulders and do you rely on looking at the target after you are in your setup position and see your shoulder in your peripheral vision to judge how far left your shoulder is from the target? Shoulder alignment is difficult without a camera or another set of eyes.

  3. This is what I’ve been needing I like your style of teaching. I’m sure somebody has a video on weight and alignment but it just clicks with me in these videos thank you for the information!

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