The Secret to an Effortless and Accurate Golf Swing | You Won’t Believe How This Works!

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The Secret to a Simple And Easy and Accurate Swing|You Won't Think How This Works!

I anticipate dealing with you much more in the future with Leading Speed . Good luck with your .

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The Secret to an | You Won't Believe How This Works!

Golf Swing
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    1. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Effortless comes from a series of oscillations. You hurl the club up via a Core Oscillation and allow the club to Fall after the Core Falls in the second Oscillation. Rise, Fall, Rise. Left, Right, Left. Sending the Ball via the tool is Simply, Energy. Where it goes is simply Proximal, Distal relationship with a proper Grip that Releases Naturally with Clay’s Technique.

  1. I live in the tampa area. Is there a way to book a in person lesson with you and your team? I tried on your site but i can only find online instruction.

    1. I personally spend all my time creating video content so I can help as many people as fast as possible. I do not do in person lessons anymore.

      We do offer a couple of things for more personalized instruction, but both are only available to our current All Access members (i.e. people who subscribe to the site).

      We have in-person Distance Clinics multiple times a year with Top Speed Golf certified instructors. You can learn more about those here:

      We also offer an Unlimited Swing Reviews with your choice of Top Speed Golf certified instructors. You would film a swing of yours, send it over to the instructor, and get feedback in your inbox on what to work on to improve your game! You can read about that here:

      Thanks for watching!

  2. Like most people I have watch a million YouTube golf tip videos. Clays teaching approach and style of explanation resonates the best with me. Subscribing to the Top Speed Gold site has been worth every penny. Please keep up the good work Clay and the team. It’s greatly appreciated

  3. man… I am doing way more of a “wide circle” than U … I got some stuff to work on. Just FYI – that wide circle I’m doing make it REALLY easy for me to release wrong; my hands turn over way too quick in a cast for big sweeping 50 yd hooks.

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