The Reason Your Hips Are Causing Your Slice and How To Fix It!

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  1. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Hi. Thanks for your advice. I’m a right-handed player. My challenge is on the take-back and getting the club head to match my torso angle, and THEN knowing what to do after that to stay on plane. My left shoulder is too close to my chin and pushes up my head… Plust, I take the club back too far (i.e. John Daly) and get out of posture. I come over the top a little bit from the start of the downswing at the beginning (even though I’m rotating my core/torso). I can sometimes get it shallow enough and recover to get a good shot off, but I know it’s not the way to do it.
    So my thoughts are, I need to have my left arm more straight without collapsing and keep my right arm closer to my torso on down thru the downswing through impact.

    I guess that’s why I see some golfers tuck in their shirt under their right armpit before taking a shot?

  2. Man, this was so right on time. I used to hit draws mostly, but i started trying to get faster and faster and I bet this is exactly what I’m doing because I can’t stop slicing the dang thing, no matter how much I’m trying to get in to out. Very frustrating. I’m trying this after work.

  3. That chunk about 0:25 is exactly what happens to me when I try and come under the plane.

    1. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard That push forward might do the trick. I might to schedule a rewatch of this video every morning until I get it.

  4. Great video! I was doing this. Taking the advice of other coaches to “fire those hips! Don’t let them stall”. Well, what happens if you fire too fast?

    I focused on my arms – focus on dropping the club and getting under plane and ignore my hips. Low and behold – my hips rotate fine and i’ve gone from that slice to a nice draw. I picked up good yardage too.

    I went from a solid 160yd 7i to around a 175 – up to a 190yd 7i if I tee up and step on it! I’ll never use that shot on the course though, i’d rather club up and swing easy. Nice to know i’ve got it if I need it though.

  5. This is exactly what I do. I let my hips turn too early. I don’t slice much but I lack distance & this is likely part of the problem. When my hips turn early I’m not staying behind the ball.

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