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The ONE Bunker Idea That Truly Matters (And No One Ever Discuss).

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The (And No One Ever Talks About)

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    1. @Jonny 5ive aline has a 60 and 68 degree i belive, just like Kym stock says they suck in traps with firm bases

    2. I haven’t physically compared the two wedges but they look very similar from the specs. The C3i offers more loft (68 vs 60 at most for the Alien) which helps the ball get in the air better. I would much rather have a C3i if I had to get the ball up over a lip which is usually the case in green side situations.

    3. You just need to change your technique a little in firmer sand and try to hit down into the sand more. Works great when you do that.

  1. The down side to this style of wedge is evident in bunkers with a poor / inconsistent sand thickness over a firm base. The large bounce leads to skulling the ball . Only a low bounce wedge seems to work in that situation.

    1. That’s how my club is. Sometimes you’re in normal sand and sometimes you’re in a half inch of normal sand on top of a rock. I thought I was the only one this ever happened to

    2. The C3i actually works great out of bad sand too. You just hit down into the sand more. Really try to thump the sand with the club. This will all out to get into the sand but the bounce will keep it from digging too much. Play well!

  2. Hello Clay
    Thank you for your always good … and free ..lessons
    As I have total confidence in your judgment, I have immediately ordered the C3i.. I will give you later my feedback
    Best regards
    Albert Ohana

  3. I own this club and it is great in the fluffier sand shots. It is an automatic skull for me when the sand it hard/wet/firm. Unfortunately, the courses I play have a variety of sand and most are not even consistent within the course. What is your recommendation Clay for this type of scenario? Not sure if your videos cover this (unfortunately since I already own the club, won’t order it here again for the videos). Thanks and I do trust your training aid recommendations!

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