The Easiest Way to Stop Standing Up For Good

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I anticipate working with you a lot more in the future with . All the best with your golf.

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  1. I always fear that, when I crouch down during my downswing, I’m going to hit my club into the ground.

  2. Brian…yep,,same problem here. Intermittent chunks show up in my game when trying to do this.

  3. Clay, your instructional videos are some of the best available for free on the internet. Seriously. Your demeanor and patient explanation of these tips and practices are so well thought out, and your quality of presentation is impeccable. since I can not afford to take lessons, yours here on the tube have helped me understand the fundamentals and shown me techniques to get the feel of a swing worth having…thanks!

  4. Another great lesson Clay. You’re the best instructor on YouTube. Watch all of your videos. Thanks.

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