The Easiest Swing For Senior Golfers

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I anticipate working with you a lot more in the future with . Good luck with your .

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  1. I need to pay serious attention to this. I’m 63, and am losing distance. Still pretty long compared to my peers, but so what?

    I did notice that the last time I went after a 3 month layoff, I had lost more distance which I think I’ll regain, but noticed when I do a comfortable body backswing in my mind like JB Holmes or Rahm, that I hit it a little better and longer. I think this will be a good thought process.

  2. Thanks Clay! I’ve been working hard to not have my shoulders horizontal during my swing. While I’ve gotten them to have some angle now, I keep trying to get the angle steeper and steeper and at 70 years old, I just can’t do that comfortably. This will really help me adjust my body mechanics for a more pain free but still effective swing.

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