The Best Golf Rotation Drill | The “90/90 Golf Stretch”

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The Best Rotation Drill|The "90/90 Stretch"

I look forward to working with you a lot more in the future with . Good luck with your golf.

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| The “90/90 Golf Stretch”

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  1. I had my right hip replaced a few years ago …
    Should I stretch this prosthetic hip? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I have not even done a squat since my hip surgury for fear of doing something wrong. So I just swing my golf club the best I can, but this is always on my mind.

  2. Clay this is an excellent video for me. Seven years ago I had all the L vertebrae fused. Seventeen months ago I had all the T or middle vertebrae fused. Almost six months ago I had most of my neck vertebrae fused. Yep a very messed up spine due to football in highschool and then I think over swinging when I took up golf 39 years ago. I am just about to be released to do therapy after the neck surgery. I will show my therapist this video to see if I can incorporate into my routine. I used to be a 4 handicap and could hit a nice tee ball. Hope to get back to playing. Thanks for all you do. Bill.

  3. 😢Thank you Clay for the collaboration between you and Joe. This is also very helpful for getting ready for the golf season. Ric

  4. Really easy to overlook this type of thing. And it explains a good deal of back issues. I need to commit to stretchng more than I currently do.

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