NEVER Make These Driver Mistakes | EASY TO FIX

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NEVER Make These Driver Mistakes|EASY TO FIX

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  1. Thanks for another great video, Clay! I used to be a good golfer in my teenage years but got burnt out on the game in my 20’s and would only play 4-5 times a year. I picked up a ton of bad habits during those years and had no clue whether the ball was going to go left, right, or straight when I stood over it. (scary feeling) I started watching your videos about a year ago, and along with some consistent practice and obsessively recording my swing in slow motion, I’ve gotten myself from a 12-14 handicap down to a 5.9! My passion for golf has been re-ignited and I once again feel confident over the ball. Without a doubt, your videos are a major reason why I was able to do this without getting formal lessons!

    You da man, and keep up the great work!

    1. That’s amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

      Would you mind if we share your story?

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