My Favorite Rotation Drill for Backswing & Downswing | Complete Guide

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My Favorite |Complete Guide

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  1. hi Clay, yet again brilliant video. As a single figure handicapper i have never found rotation easy, this lazy rotation and poor weight shift i think has always stopped me getting down to scratch. that along with being 340llbs doesn’t help me though. again brilliant instructional video and easy to follow. thank you

  2. Emphasis on a back and forth piston movement is more descriptive and effective than the idea of a weight shift. Good lesson!

  3. My only “issue” with this videos and almost all videos alike is that the people executing the demonstration have been swinging golf clubs for years. Give this exact same instruction to someone who is horrible at golf and it doesn’t quite translate the same. With all that being said, I’m heading to the range to practice this now. I hope it helps

  4. Gonna go home and try the “Beyoncé Single Ladies” piston move. Should help my golf and my swag game 😂

  5. So on the downswing this model is the opposite to the force pedal model where you press your lead ball of the foot down? (Don’t a lot players end the downswing on the toes eg Justin Thomas?) Thanks.

  6. Tried watching your “natural position” video. Did you ever get to the point ? I watched until I lost the will to live and there was still no end in sight !

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