Learn how to STAY DOWN through impact | STOP STANDING UP!

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Discover how to remain DOWN through effect|STOP STANDING UP!

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  1. Love the 2 sticks drill.
    So shoulders and hips move together !
    Less back pain.good for me ,i m not flexible.
    Thank you .

  2. Love your tips but honestly I don’t see any sit down in your swing. Perhaps it is just a feeling?

    1. It’s always feels. Gotta feel like your sitting down for your hips to stay where their at or to keep them from going forward. Just like wrist angles. If you have super open face gotta “feel” it’s super closed to have it square.

  3. My number one issue with my swing is standing up flipping the club and it is causing distance and inconsistency issues with hitting the ball. These are great drills i am going to be working on this week thank you Clay 👍

  4. The slow breakdown is not even close to the motion of your swing. I understand having the idea of those motions, but if it’s not in a fluid consistent motion then it could hinder someone by trying to recreate those moves.
    If the person already has a throwing the hands issue they will slam into the ground by trying to go that low.

  5. This video was made for me! I played a lot in my youth and had a nice swing. Somewhere in my 30’s I stopped playing as much. In my 40’s I started standing up and de-lofting the club. Time to take these tips and hit the range.

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