Is a weak grip with a driver for you?

In my right-hand man, the little v between my thumb and my forefinger is more vertical or straight up and down. That's a quite weak grip by the majority of people's standards. Some players that would've resembled this, like Ben Hogan. Tiger Woods is not rather that weak, but he's on the weaker side of it. So there's some excellent players that use that kind of a grip. But the important things that I don't like about this grip is if I wan na get some shaft-lean and deloft it, I truly need to bow my wrist a heap. If I wan na get it from the within, I've got ta look like Dustin Johnson or Brooks Koepka or a few of those men to actually close it as much as get that face square and get some shaft-lean.

Is a weak grip with a driver for you?

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