Is A Strong Driver Grip perfect for you

A "hammer grip," which is a really strong grip where the club face is nearly 30 to 45 degrees closed when the logo of the glove is up towards the sky. The right hand is also turned more under, as if it is going to hammer the back of the ball. The benefit of this grip is that it does not require as much rolling of the wrist through impact. This grip is frequently used by some professional golfers, such as Paul Azinger.

Is A Strong Driver Grip perfect for you

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  1. Important to stress that a strong lead hand doesn’t mean strong trail hand – get that trail hand coming in from the side as normal. If that trail hand gets too far under then it’ll lead to low/hooky drives or huge push slices if you still come from OTT. Trail hand underneath severely restricts movement so those drives will be very weak (for most people, there’s obviously exceptions to the rule).

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