I Wish Someone Had Told Me THIS About The My Grip | Crazy Detail

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I Wish Someone Had Told Me THIS About The My Grip|Crazy Detail

I anticipate working with you a lot more in the future with . All the best with your golf.

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  1. I’ve found a strong left hand grip leads to an occasional hook. A weak grip with a bowed or flat left wrist eliminates that risk.

  2. I like the stronger grip
    It keeps my trail arm in contact with the body
    Than the weak grip bows the arms

  3. Great video, Clay, as always.
    I’ve always felt that a strong grip is more powerful and gave me more confidence. I noticed how John Daly and David Duval could stripe the ball with a strong grip. However, I listened to too many golf professionals online saying that a strong grip is bad. So, I learned to hit with a slightly weaker grip just like Johnny Miller advocated. That is until I hurt my wrist a couple of times. This was due to hitting too deep into the ground off of a massive upslope. I learned later that the bowed weak grip is not a stable grip and may cause injury for those gougers like myself.
    I later came across some videos by Shawn Clement who advocates a strong grip. He talks about the karate chop (strong grip) being more powerful than the back slap (weak grip). It takes a little time to get used to the super strong grip, but, once it clicks in your brain, you will feel really confident with it.
    Would you recommend using a super strong grip with the putter?

  4. Great examples and explanations, Clay. Love your grip test will try it to see if my current grip is correct. Cheers.

  5. This is really great feedback. We hear time and time again that the “V’s” our hands form on the grip must always both point at our right armpit. Obviously not the case here. Like this flexibility and the recommendation that we can tweak grip to ball flight. Bravo!

  6. Clay, what grip is wise to use . when you fade to slice with a driver, i go strong grip but with irons i pull hook, so i switch to a weaker grip. ive been going back n forth. its kinda annoying. which grip would you recommend. neutral ? or is it ok to do both different grips. recommendation.

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