How to move your hips at the start of the downswing #shorts

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You're probably believing, Clay, that looks ridiculous. Nobody's going to sit that low into a chair. Nobody's in a squat that much.

I'm telling you today, that's the sensation that you require to have. Of the countless enthusiasts that I've seen, I don't believe I have actually ever seen anybody overexaggerate the squat relocation that wasn't a scratch player. Or Much better. I've seen tons of gamers that go the opposite of where they 'd be getting their rear end farther from that chair standing towards the ball.

Now, another common error when we're doing this, it's not just the squat. That's the first thing that I want you to feel. But as quickly as you begin down, what I actually want you to do … I desire you to think of sitting in this chair and opening the chair up at the same time.

What I see a lot of gamers do, especially if they tend to have the hips go toward the golf ball. Those hips never open. And when the hips lock up and go towards the golf ball, I'm going to have to type of throw at it with my hands.

I get all hands and arms and I truly just don't have the consistency that I wish to have.

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at the start of the downswing #shorts

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