How to Master 30-100 Yard Pitch Shots

How to Master 30-100 Yard Pitch Shots

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How to Master 30-100 Yard Pitch Shots

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  1. For Low flighted wedges we want the launch angle under 30 degrees. It’s very difficult with a 60* wedge. Secondly I think a big miss conception is the desired shaft lean. Shaft lean is a product of delivery and not something we can consciously try to achieve. It’s the same as a math equation. Delivery has to be correct or no matter how much shaft lean you aim for you won’t get it. As part of the shaft lean discussion I think a common miss conception is what the hands and arms are doing. Their sole purpose is to move the club up and down while the body provides the rotation. Once I started working on my swing with that in mind, I stopped trying to manipulate the club. The swing feels correct and my ball flight significantly improved, so much so I can shape it any which way I want and I gained distance throughout the bag. On top of that spinning a ball back isn’t that difficult with a gap wedge, pitching wedge, 9 iron, and sometimes an 8 iron. It takes a premium ball first and foremost.

  2. You mention a weight shift in transition. You should start these with your weight already mostly forward. The shot is less than a second long in time. With your weight already forward it’s 1 less operation to do. Just keep it there and rotate. Consistency and efficiency go up.

  3. love it when a new clay video comes out! My wife is an angel. She doesn’t complain when I mow a 10 foot fairway in our backyard that is one setting lower than the rest. 😄 I like the towel idea. I’ve been using home depot buckets with my practice balls.

  4. Lots of questions. For one I noticed after you mention getting the weight to your left side @4:08, and you proceed to hit some, the ball appears to be way forward in your setup. At least on a number of your shots. Is that correct or is it just camera angle? Im assuming the ball should be in the center of your stance?

  5. I bought a 76 degree wedge from play it again sports, cant wait to piss off my playing partners with it, and eventually hit myself in the face with a golf ball.

  6. I wish we had one of those target ranges out here, looks like really good practice. Thank you for the pitching tips. Definitely going to work on these this weekend.

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