How to Drive The Golf Ball For Consistency

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  1. In general a pretty good lesson. But even Jack Nicklaus will tell you THE most important thing in the golf swing is the first 4 inches of the takeaway. He never said why. But that is the only place “connectivity” can be established. Once past that point the arms, shoulders, and body are out of sync with each other and the swing is all timing which rarely repeats for long. The big trunk muscles of the body MUST start the club back (discounting the optional wrists only some pros use) with the hands, arms, and shoulders only going along for the ride and centered to the chest. Now you have a CONSTISTENT swing because there is very little timing needed and the rotator cuffs only go up and down. You are thus CONNECTED. This should also make you feel a bit tight. Hence you are tightening up your swing. But the ball goes just as far or further. Warning… This can be a bit hard to learn to do when one has done it incorrectly all of their life. The least little “snatch” of the club back with the arms and shoulders wrecks it all. You must establish “CONNECTION” right at the get-go. Hal Sutton claimed he only played as good as his take-away. He stated when it was good he finished high on the leaderboard.

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