How to Become an UNPRECEDENTED Ball Striking Machine

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  1. That impact bag drill would be good practice for if you had say a root behind your ball and needed to pick the club up quickly in the backswing.

  2. @Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Hi Clay, do you have a video that focuses on the transition in the backswing? Namely how far back to take the club and what is the trigger(s) points?
    I have a tendency to take clubs too far back. Especially long irons up to driver. I do try to slow down my backswing on these longer clubs. However, I’m just not quite able to get dialed in a point in the backswing to get to a consistent transition point. I suppose this has a lot to do with ‘feel’. Though I’m hoping to find something consistent to rely on to initiate the downswing without taking the club too far back.

  3. I literally cannot wait to get to the range tomorrow and put this practice to work! I think this is the video that finally makes 100% sense to me and I know where I’ve been going wrong. Thank you so much bro 😎

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