Hit Ball Then Turf with Little Known “Thoracic Bump” Move

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Strike Ball Then Grass with Little Known "Thoracic Bump"

I anticipate dealing with you far more in the future with Top Speed . Good luck with your .

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with Little Known "Thoracic Bump"

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  1. The best golf instruction on youtube is right here. I knocked 10-15 strokes off my game by practicing my iron compression and chipping/pitching. Golf is so much more enjoyable. (Now I’m in the mid 80s) Thanks guys keep it up!

  2. Have you been watching me??? lol you have described why I hit the ground first exactly, I’ll try to fix it next game, thanks Clay 🙂

  3. CLAY – I used to be pretty good at golf…. 10ish handicap 25 years ago. Stopped playing (kids, life, etc) for 25 years. Started back last fall. Thanks to your videos, I shot an 81 yesterday!!!! Back in the game baby!!

  4. So I’ve been struggling with both fat and thin shots this season, mostly fat. I’ve tried all sorts. Tried real hard to get hips forward to start the downswing but it’s resulted in getting my whole body forward not just the lower body. Early days with this but been practicing in the garden and this feels easier to feel. I also imagine that I actually feel the club coming from the inside more. Hope I can take this to the range and then course.

  5. Had previously been bumping with hip with little success in accomplishing lag a
    and shift lean. This seems like a much better feeling and looking forward too seeing if can translate it to full swing to get lag/shaft lean and better smash factor.

  6. This move is very similar to the thoracic bump advocated by Alison Thietje. This will not only give a secondary axis tilt, but also rotates the upper body naturally.

  7. First of all you’re awesome and a big help to many. Ive been incorporating this thoracic lateral bend concept the past 4 weeks and it’s been amazing for not only power but has also helped me with face contact and direction. “Little Known” is a good description. I’ve come across quite a few instructors where moving the center of body mass ahead of the ball is done with moving the midline of the pelvis towards target, like a sit or hip bump. Would you say that this thoracic move is same concept but another “feel”? Or is this a separate aspect or different part of the swing?

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