Easy Technique To Hit Your Driver DEAD STRAIGHT

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  1. I pulled my front door off the hinges and went to the range. The drill works great but I got home and all my stuff was gone.
    But I hit dead straight now at least.

  2. Quick question: when I set up to the ball with everything closed off slightly, should I also close the clubface relative to my body, letting it point at the target or should I just keep it square to my body? Maybe experiment with it?

    1. Face angle is 1/2 the difference of the swing path relative to target line. So if swing path is 4 degrees right of target line, face angle should be 2 degrees right of target line. (When you are setting up for a draw. Reverse is true for a fade.)This is from the Ball Striking Master Class, which is a GREAT investment. Really turned the lightbulb on for me!

  3. Clay, I’m glad this video popped up in my feed. The visual of the door and your “but scraping the ground” will be something I take to the range later today.

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