Early Weight Shift #shorts

Making a properly sequenced weight shift is the key to a more powerful and constant swing.

Complete Video.

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Early Weight Shift #shorts

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    1. So that you can have a bigger shift to your front foot that adds to the momentum and power easier (though does not mean you have to do that to get power – it’s just easier, if you can get used to it…)

    2. @B C Does more harm than good in my opinion. It probably doesn’t add any extra power and if it does its negligible. But it can introduce all kinds of sloppy swing mechanics. I’ve tried both methods and I’d rather just keep my weight forward.

    3. Im about 50-60 yards longer with a weight shift on my driver. Minimal weight shift on wedges but i shift pretty hard on my long irons and woods. Ive tried leaving it on the front and i just cant get the ball out there as far. It is a little easier to hit it straight but lose a good bit of distance.

    4. @Jake Padgett Probably because you aren’t used to not shifting. If it works for you then keep it! I hit the ball further without shifting and straighter too… even my bad strikes travel reasonably straight, which is more valuable to me than getting an extra 40 yards, but I’m a former basketball athlete 6’4″ 280 lbs, I have no problem generating power, I have a problem controlling it.

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