Does Grip Size Really Matter? I Tried Bryson’s Insane JUMBO Grips

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I Attempted Bryson's Insane JUMBO Grips

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  1. I certainly noticed an accuracy difference between standard and midsize. That being, midsize was an improvement for me.

  2. Agreed. I went back and forth for months between standard and midsized hitting shots on my launch monitor and there was no notable difference in dispersion or distance for me. Midsized just felt more comfortable. Great video.

  3. I use midsized on my wedges, standard on irons/woods. Personally I don’t want to be flippy with my scoring clubs. Standard I can turn draws better.

  4. I swear whenever I wonder about something related to Golf you guys have a video up explaining it. I was just thinking about this a week ago lol! Great video and explanation 👍

  5. I’m a 72 year old with a 20 handicap . I have a trigger finger on my left hand and arthritis on 3 fingers of my right . Any suggestions other than trying all the different grips at Golf Galaxy ?

  6. What about hand size coorelating to grip size? Would it make a difference between small and large hands?

  7. Jumbo works for me the one the BD has. My driver and 3wood has better dispersion but for distance it is the same. I have small hand I use to grip hard and it was giving me a hook now it give me baby draw and straight flight.

  8. All I can say about this is a proper fitting grip is EXTREMELY important. If I had to guess I would say at least half are in the wrong size.
    Also, a larger and heavier grip won’t necessarily make your results slower as a better grip means better control of the club and maybe faster or more in the middle for increased distance.

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