Do This Right Shoulder Move to STOP Hitting Bad Iron Shots

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  1. You make the swing seem so complicated and so technical.. your just hitting something. You just mentioned around a million requirements to swing right, omg.

  2. At what point does the body need to start straightening up? Is it when the club is at the straight-line release?

  3. This is excellent (5 stars). Going way back we were told “quiet trail shoulder”In reality we need to move the trail shoukder correctly. Everything discussed is so Important! Instead of this we normally hear a lot about coming from the inside. If you follow this I can’t see how you can come over the top.

  4. Great ideas as I think this is one of my major problems…..but too many things to consider; give me one thought to get that shoulder down. Knees over toes, bend outwards, hips moving back, club butt down target line, side bend–these should all be the result of a move not all the things you have to think of and do. Maybe the stick drill gets it all working right.

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