Do This If You Can’t Make Solid Contact Every Time

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Do This If You Can't Make Solid Contact Every Time

I eagerly anticipate dealing with you much more in the future with Leading Speed . Best of luck with your .

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Do This If You Can't Make Solid Contact Every Time

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  1. This is exactly the drill my local pro taught me a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for your detailed explanation. It is a fantastic reminder to do this very precisely and over and over again. My pro even suggested to squeeze a putter cover under the lead armpit.
    Fantastic channel, Clay! 🎉 Keep them coming.

  2. I play regularly with a buddy who has a very short backswing but he hits the ball as far as I do – it’s amazing how much distance you can get regardless of the length of your backswing if contact is good. I will give this drill a try next time I hit the range. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Clay.

  3. Love this, Clay! Great for pure contact, and great for overall sequencing! I’ll be running through these drills today!

  4. Would this promote pushing the handle and heel shots? That’s what I really struggle with and I’m looking for consistent contact so I can have enjoyable rounds lol

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