Can Your Iron Swing Really Be That Easy When You Do This Drill?

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Can Your Iron Swing Truly Be That Easy When You Do This Drill?

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  1. Great tips Clay..My question here is if you are going to hit a 9 iron and shaft lean to get a stronger loft…why don’t you just hit a 7 irons for the same loft and hit it with your true swing??

  2. I watch tons of your videos mostly to fix my driver slice of 40 years and to hit crisper irons,in the last month I have somehow changed my swing from a huge slice to an off the planet hook left I’m so lost don’t know what to do upside is my avg drive went from around 220 to 260 I even hit a drive almost 280yds last round,Level no wind I haven’t hit it that far in 25 years how can I turn that hook into a draw without going back to slicing

  3. Elbow tip is really helpful, but even more critical is how to maintain proper hand angle/direction as the forearm opens up. You noted how the hand tends to rotate out and opens up the club face. Happens to me all the time as I try to maintain the open forearm position. A video on how to keep your hand “closed” through this swing would be especially helpful!

  4. I noticed you always wear your golf shoes on the practice mat. I was always told to use good grip regular shoes. Do the spikes not tear the mat? And would I be better off practicing in mine also? Thanks!

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