Bernhard Langer goes undercover as a maintenance guy to prank players

'Hans'– commonly known as Bernhard – went undercover as an upkeep person at the Constellation Furyk & Friends. He attempted to Phil Mickelson, Tim Tebow, Padraig Harrington and more.

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Bernhard goes undercover as a guy to players

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    1. @Mark The TV cameras are almost always in the normal spots and only the roaming announcer has a handheld TV person. The tours do not allow any other cameras. This was therefore very easy for the guys to detect. Learn something before popping off Mark.

    2. I would think once the first person found out the word traveled fast. People can’t keep a secret. Even for a gag.

  1. I laughed so hard when Jim Furyk said your German accent gave you away and Bernard said “I should have kept my mouth shut”!! Great video!!

  2. Always been a fan of his since he came on tour decades ago. His stamina of competitiveness all these years is unprecedented.

  3. I’ve been having the worst last few days and this finally made me smile and laugh. Thank you Ber, you’re the man.

  4. In today’s Golf world we need more golfers to joke around with one another and relax and have fun while playing golf. I think Arnold Palmer would agree.

  5. Dude everyone wa so amazingly nice and even took the time to shake his hand and tell him how much they appreciate his hard work. Like lets be honest, why give someone anything other than support. Wouldn’t you want the same. Besides this could be a real scenario where the guy has slight mental issues but tries his best. So always be ready to be polite and supportive no matter what.

  6. This was fun to watch!
    He would have gotten most of the players if he would just kept his mouth shut!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Bernhard doesn’t even have to go in disguise to make me smile. Those twinkly eyes, the deadpan expression, the monotone voice, his incredible dedication and drive to win combined with gracefulness in defeat. Through all of his good times and bad I’ve been a fan of his – for more than 40 years now – and am happy to see how well respected he is. For any young player, he is a wonderful example to follow.

  8. Probably the most underrated golfer of all time
    He is one of the GOATS, up there with Woods, Nicklaus, Jones…
    Disguise or no disguise ; )

  9. Bernhard is the real legend of golf. Humble and great personality. His golf swing and putting was one of the best I have ever seen.

  10. Never thought Bernhardt was so funny! He was and remains always so focused when he plays. That was great!

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