Why LIV Golf’s Saudi Backers REFUSE To Appear In U.S Courts..

Why LIV 's Saudi Backers decline To Appear In .

Invite back to District. LIV 's funding from Saudi Arabia's sovereign-wealth fund has towered above the upstart golf circuit given that its inception, above all in its fights with the PGA Trip. Now, the PGA Tour has actually accused LIV of attempting to avert discovery in their high-profile court battle by claiming that there is no court in the U.S. with jurisdiction over LIV's monetary backer, Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, and its governor, Yasir Al-Rumayyan.

If you're stating to yourself, that's your task, dumba- -, I 'd normally tend to concur. However these are new frontiers and muddied waters– the fact isn't constantly clear. The methods which the golf world has actually managed X-player-to-LIV reports has been a nerdy-but-intriguing subplot of LIV's arrival. The golf info landscape hasn't always managed the rumor-mill tension test with grace.

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Why ’s Saudi Backers To Appear In U.S Courts..

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