Why Anthony Kim’s Being DRAGGED Into LIV Golf Legal Battle..

Why Anthony Kim's Being DRAGGED Into LIV Legal Battle.

Welcome back to District. In its latest legal filing, LIV is asking the PGA Trip for any interaction trip officials have actually had with golf players, media business, sponsors and other entities regarding the Saudi-backed circuit. And one of the names that has discovered its method into this mess has actually created headlines.

officials spoke with more than 100 entities and individuals around golf in regards to alternative leagues such as , consisting of sponsors, broadcasters and previous Tour winner Anthony Kim, court documents display in the continuous suit in between the PGA Trip and . On Monday, a discovery hearing prior to Magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen for the U.S. District Court, California Northern District, will go a long method in determining how much latitude in discovery Judge van Keulen will provide to LIV and the .

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Anthony Kim: His potential journey to LIV Golf

Anthony Kim: His possible journey to LIV Golf

Why Anthony Kim's Being DRAGGED Into LIV Golf Legal Battle..

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  1. LIV should make Anthony Kim an offer. They should cover his insurance payout and offer him big bucks to get back into golf. He would be a huge draw. I would love to see Anthony play again.

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