Rory McIlroy REVEALS LIV Controversy Is BIGGER Than Golf..

Rory McIlroy Exposes LIV Controversy Is BIGGER Than .

Invite back to District. Here's some news for you about the LIV debate. McIlroy and fellow US PGA Tour pro Justin Thomas both welcomed a judge's judgment that denied a demand by three LIV Golf players for a short-lived restraining order that would have allowed them to play in the St. Jude Championship this week, the very first event of the US PGA Tour's season-ending playoffs.

The 3 players who got approved for the playoffs were among 11 golf players who filed an anti-trust lawsuit versus the US Tour challenging the indefinite suspensions imposed by PGA Trip commissioner Jay Monahan upon those who played in any of the Saudi-backed LIV tour's first 3 occasions. McIlroy, who has actually been a critic of the brand-new series offering stunning $20 million bags for its 54-hole events along with signing rewards reportedly worth tens of millions for some stars, said he believed golfers deserved to choose the brand-new tour– however the United States PGA Trip likewise deserved to leave out those who made that decision. As a PGA Tour board member, McIlroy has actually even-handedly fielded questions about LIV Golf– spearheaded by Australian Greg Norman– for months. It comes as the Australian world No. 2 Cameron Smith is stated to have actually joined the rebels on an offer worth $140 million. In associated news, Cameron Smith is set to become the current golf star to flaw to LIV Golf in a mega-money offer. Just a day after Australian golf player Cameron Percy let slip that Smith and fellow Aussie Marc Leishman were set to join the breakaway trip, The Telegraph reported Smith has tattooed a $AUD140 million offer. Smith's first tournament with the rebel tour is set to be the LIV's International in Boston which begins September 2. Regardless of the report, Smith did not elaborate in his interview ahead of the FedEx Cup playoffs.

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Rory McIlroy REVEALS LIV Controversy Is BIGGER Than Golf..

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  2. Just would like to applaude PGA for massive money to charity last 50 years,helped alot of people in tough situations.

  3. Leishman isn’t a “top tier” player like Smith. Smith may back out after the TRO ruling and may realize, I have a chance to leave a legacy which is unattainable on the no cut, 54 hole, zero OWGR points, tacky, circus like tour known as liv.
    One thing is clear! This channel is obviously compensated by liv for keeping the controversy going with its seemingly daily deluge of rumors and digs at Monaghan! 🤦‍♂️

  4. Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to like Rory? Tiger said what he said and that was the end. Rory can’t leave it alone.

  5. Rich Eisen is right: It’s up to the fans whether LIV survives. He says LIV needs a TV contract and sponsors to find out if fans will tune in to watch.
    What most people are talking about is PGA’s response to LIV and how unfair the PGA is without giving 2 seconds to the contractual restrictions of LIV players to their league.
    It would do the discussion a big favor if people complaining about how hard the PGA makes it on players actually knows what LIV expects…and how flexible they are if you want to skip a tournament.

  6. Take the money boys at the end of the day that’s all it’s about anyway! Set your grandkids & their kids up for life & roll on.

  7. Hey folks none of this really matters ,because the real deal of judgement is THE AMOUNT OF LOVE YOU HAVE GIVEN ,and IF YOU HAVE FORSAKEN LOVE , the CREATOR KNOWS,SO THIS HATING MUST STOP.”The Creator said. I AM WHO I AM I AM YOU…..LOVE IS THE KEY AND THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.We are in the Age of Aquarius.

  8. Who cares let them play golf and the paying fans will decide who wins or loses or they will survive together

  9. Rory has done nothing in 8 yrs, so he should remember that when taking a leading role in every dispute….

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