Pro Golfers Just Got Hit With A MASSIVE Fine.. Here’s What’s Happened

Pro Golfers Just Got Hit With A MASSIVE Fine. Here's What's Taken place

Invite back to , today on this channel we are going to discuss "Disrespectful' rebels police officer mega fines in seismic LIV ruling … and this is simply the start + Matthew Wolff to join Series, Eugenio Chacarra, video, , British Open"

The DP World Tour on Friday prohibited members who played in the inaugural Saudi-funded Invitational Series occasion from 3 competitions and fined them ₤ 100,000 ($ 177,000) each.That pompous view is now looking progressively shaky, with emerging star Matthew Wolff anticipated to be unveiled as the Series newest prized hire, according to the telegraph. Inspect this video out and remain updated!


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Pro Golfers Just Got Hit With A MASSIVE Fine.. Here's What's Happened

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  1. The PGA tour has been revealed as nothing more than a monopoly, it will probably take some time to work its way through the courts but I think the PGA tour is gonna get a telephone pole right up the keister and it deserves it…

    Professional golf professional tennis as far as I know they’re the only ones that are independent contractors, if they don’t perform well they don’t get paid, how is it possible that the tour itself can see either suck off our teat or no teat at all.

    The PGA tour did not create the fan base the players did, starting with Arnold Palmer the PGA tour benefited from these iconic figures, Monahan is handling this 100% wrong he should be encouraging the competition after all (golf) is about identifying the very best player week by week.

    1. The PGA is a total joke at this point, ban them and then fine them, give me a efin break. PGA acting like a spoiled little kid that doesn’t get their way….

    2. Before LIV, PGA golfers did have to make the cut to make money, but now LIV players are paid hundreds of millions before they hit a shot in their 3 round, no cut events….LIV doesn’t have top players, their top player is ranked 17, and he will continue to drop in the rankings every week since LIV doesn’t give world ranking points.

  2. Just sickening of the PGA and DP tour . How can the PGA a so called nonprofit organization who does pay taxes try to control golf as a whole . They rake in millions or even billions of dollars and don’t pay any taxes on it . But the players have to pay taxes to the government . And you are imposing fines for independent contractors because they want to play when and where they want to . Just plain corporate greed , sickens me too the core .

  3. All this is going to do is cause professional golf to crumble. It’s going to cause more tournaments like the Masters. Great courses are going to sponsor their own tournament not affiliated with any organization. In this way, players will pick and choose where they want to play. The problem is world rankings and TV contacts. The players are going to have to be in control of world rankings and each tournament is going to have to make their own TV contract.

  4. My father used to say “Competition is good…. but no competition is better”! This is the PGA’s stance and they’ll do anything to keep their monopoly!

  5. For years I have roofed new construction houses for different builders. If a builder tried to fine me for working for another builder, I would laugh and tell them good luck with that. They can choose not to hire me but they can’t fine me. This is laughable

    1. If you had a contract with one builder for all of their work for the next 3 years and then wanted to skip one of their projects for another which pays more then what?
      You would either have to break your existing contract or stay with the builder.
      Breaking that contract may have penalties.

  6. I’m a PGA guy but how can they try to enforce sanctions on players that don’t have a contract with them. They play at their own free will. If they join LIV then just simply be done with them. idk 🤷‍♂️

    1. They are PGA members, a membership which they agreed to. They have violated that membership agreement by going to LIV and have been suspended……not terminated, because they haven’t resigned. Why don’t they just resign their PGA membership then I would think they aren’t subject to a fine.
      Do you know that the new LIV guys playing this week forced out a few who played last week as their are only 48 spots? How is that for fairness? Norman signs a new high paid popular player and a guy at the bottom gets pushed out. And he’s still trying to sign new guys so that means other LIV players don’t know how long they will be able to play there.
      Great way to – grow the game – throw a few players off the bus because you found a few new guys.m you like better.
      Why do LIV guys even want to play on the PGA Tour, they said they wanted more $$$$ for less golf, now they complain they can’t play more golf on the PGA Tour…for LESS $?
      Lofl, bunch of crybabies, filthy rich crybabies.
      Not to mention the PGA players who stayed agree with the commissioner.


    2. They do play at their own free will but they will file law suits against the PGA if the PGA won’t let them play PGA events. shouldn’t the PGA also have the free will???

    3. What I don’t get is there fining the players but making LIV pay the fine, how in the hell does that make any sense

  7. Sue the PGA back,,
    We need some of the big Saudi $$$ and lawyers to hit the PGA with Big racketeering fines.
    Who the heck does the PGA think they are trying to control peoples lives.
    Stopped my USGA membership 4 years ago when they went mega woke.
    I send back empty prepaid envelope every month when they beg me to rejoin with a nice nasty note attached inside 🙂

  8. If the PGA Tour is so good then they should be able to survive on their own merits. To levy fines on PGA Tour players only further incentivizes other players to join the LIV tour. This isn’t rocket science. Isn’t Augusta National part of the PGA Tour, the very tour that refused to allow blacks and women to join for how many years? And they have the audacity to bring up human rights violations by the Saudis. That’s laughable.

  9. misleading, can not fine the ones that resign there membership, second gonna be hard to stick when they go to court and there self contracted employees as i am. Now the litigation in there contract could be a penalty but can not see it being the amount that they are saying. But the PGA just opened a can of worms on there selves!

  10. I love how the PGA have all the control of the players and they are fining the players for leaving their tour (which they only play in North America every year), to another that pays better. Let the players have their own free will !

  11. I think that the players should have the right to play anywhere they wish, and not be held down by the PGA.

  12. The PGA can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets filled first. The golfers who have resigned, the PGA can’t do anything to. The players who didn’t resign the PGA, will take it to court before they pay the PGA a nickel. The players are independent contractors and can take their talent anywhere they want. Is the PGA going to fine corporate sponsors who do business with the saudies? Why is corporations( PGA sponsors ) alright to do business with Saudia Arabia? Why can’t golfers do business with Saudia Arabia.

  13. The PGA tour is making a huge mistake bullying LIV players. If PGA tour players continue to be treated as employees, this will inevitably lead to litigation and possibly a long over due PGA tour players union! I’m sure the PGA tour hierarchy will be happy with that one.

  14. Unlike the NBA, MLB and NFL, the PGA tour considers golfers to be independent contractors, and they have to pay their own expenses, including extensive travel, caddy and coaching costs, entry fees, and even a $50 charge to use a tournament locker room. No wonder some golfers are considering making a transition.

  15. I am an Australian and we have a saying ” If you kick a dog often enough, sooner or later they will bite you”. Well PGA & DP tours consider yourselves bitten !. Apart from the money the common thread from newly defected LIV players is the PGA tour was never willing to sit down and actively listen to what the players had to say. PGA is supposed to be acting on behalf of the players but in reality they act in reverse. Therefore when an opportunity presented itself with significant money, modified format and more time out to pursue family / personal activities many exercised their right as individuals to move on. The recent actions by PGA & DP tours with sanctions and fines just just confirms the dictatorial attitude they have done for years. The fracturing of professional golf has been brought on by organization such as PGA tours being inflexible and unwilling to evolve and change with time. They only have themselves to blame and more power to the players. Just take a look at the strength of the John Deere classic and DP world tour fields the week v’s LIV. Its a shame this will likely have to get sorted out in court when it could be easily sorted out over a conference room table.

  16. Had to happen if history teaches us anything. Competition is good. Good for the game. Good for the players. Only problem I have is with Norman. He said things about Jack Nickolas that are unforgivable. He should have kept his stupid mouth shut. Nothing but distain for him now.

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