PGA Tour ROCKED By Recent LIV Players Comments..

PGA Trip ROCKED By Recent LIV Players Comments.

Invite back to District. The PGA Tour might once point to washed-up pros signing up with the Saudi-backed rebel LIV invitational.

That pompous view is now looking significantly shaky, with emerging star Matthew Wolff expected to be unveiled as the LIV Golf Series latest treasured hire, according to the Telegraph.
He might have dropped to 75th in the world standings, however last year was ranked inside the top 20 and ended up being the first male golf player to end up inside the top five in his first 2 majors in 132 years.

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PGA Tour ROCKED By Recent LIV Players Comments..

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  1. Monopolies are not a good thing in my opinion! Players are free to play golf with who they want! I’m happy for the new LIV and I also like the PGA but it’s pointless to act like little kids criticizing players decisions to join the new LIV!

    1. Yes they can work for who they want. However, you can’t work for competitors in the same profession. Simple as that.

  2. It’s the beginning of the end for the PGA tour as we have known it. If I can cure my slice I’m joining LIV

  3. The pga will be fine, let them leave and the tour will be better for it and open doors for up and comers to earn their tour cards .

  4. Interesting cross section of players: 1) Guys who can’t make cuts 2) Guys who can’t stay healthy 3) Guys who are over 35. Yes, LIV is a nice cute and very generous option for those guys. They are conceding that they don’t have what it takes to compete at the PGA level and LIV is buying a business with their first 10 players. The other players, like Formula 1, are just there to support the show. The other issues are that you couldn’t find 5 more unlikable players to poach: Reed, Bryson, Koepka, Poulter and Na. The others are either invisible (DJ) or nobody’s. The PGA is super hard so I can see the appeal of LIV, but it’s effectively a minor league operation and hasn’t caught the attention of the consumer thus far with fewer than 100K watching at peak and averaging closer to 60K.

    1. You hit it on the head. Nice. Grinding on the PGA is very hard work, and I can see why certain guys are happy to trade that for an easier payday. But LIV is not competitive, more like exhibition golf.

    2. For sure. It makes sense for guys that care more about getting rich than the actual game itself, and guys in their 40’s who’d rather play LIV than the Champions tour.

  5. I must admit, the Louis Oosthuizen comment that he is basically finished on the PGA Tour and prefers to spent time on the farm is the comment of someone who is not a force on the PGA Tour.

    1. @Mario Arguello Not my silly comments, actually just repeating what Louis said at a press conference i.e. Louis’s silly comments. I was surprised because I thought he had more ambition than that. Check it out on YouTube, it was one of the first LIV Golf press conferences.

    2. He lost some of his endorsements on leaving the PGA Tour and if he does well on LIV he may make more but it seems to me he is saying the PGA Tour is too tough and he wants something a bit easier. A lack of hunger in my opinion but ‘yes’ he may well make more money. If it is just about money all the top players would leave the PGA Tour but most of the top guys are staying. I don’t have any issue with LIV Golf but it seems they are attracting players – obviously there are exceptions – that are not the force they used to be on the PGA Tour.

  6. There are only 8 LIV events. How can it impact the PGA Tour in a major way if the players on LIV are allowed to maintain/earn their PGA Tour cards in order to participate in PGA Tour events? A contract normally requires a quid pro quo. With respect to the PGA, membership is the reward and abiding by it’s rules is the trade off. The PGA provides it’s members with an arena that they can use to earn a good living playing golf. LIV’s contract provides players with both the arena and guaranteed money up front. Best of both worlds with a minimal investment of time on the LIV tournament schedule. i.e. only eight tournaments each year. The PGA loses by banning or not allowing LIV members to earn PGA Tour cards. Prestige alone will keep LIV members wanting to participate in PGA tour events if allowed. If the only option is guaranteed mega bucks or PGA, hello fat bank account.

  7. This should make the PGA golf sit up and give more armature players more chances to turn pro

  8. Why does anyone care about how much money these players are angling for…I think it’s funny when I hear “they are taking care of their family”… absurdity…because they were so poor before…their families living in poverty, looking where their next meal is coming from…LIV saved their lives from a life of poverty..whew….I hate seeing people in that kind of’s so debilitating.

  9. The only players that are hating on the players that went to LIV are just mad that LIV didn’t offer that check to them! So glad you guys came to Portland….it was awesome to be there!

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