PGA Tour REVEALS Their Plan To Battle LIV Golf..

PGA Trip Exposes Their Plan To Fight .

Welcome back to District. Here's some news about PGA Trip and . The PGA Tour reportedly might consider quiting its non-profit status to put itself in a much better monetary position to battle the big-money Saudi-backed Invitational Series, a move supported by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. The topic was one of the main talking points at a conference of the PGA Tour's top players called and hosted by Woods on Tuesday to go over the LIV danger and a strategy, according to the Fire Pit Collective.

A part of the strategy called for the PGA Tour to quit its non-profit status, which would require it to pay taxes however give it even more leeway in how it runs its company, including the ability to recruit personal investors and equity companies. The Fire Pit Collective said that Woods and McIlroy both endorsed such a move. The participants in the conference in Delaware, where the BMW Champion is being hosted at the Wilmington Nation Club, also gone over concepts for an 18-tournament series that would consist of 60 of the very best golfers completing for $US20 million ($ A29 million) in cash prize. In reaction to the LIV Series, which is paying $US25 million ($ A36 million) rewards, the PGA Trip has already increased payouts at lots of events. The plan, according to the Fire Pit Cumulative, would be a no-cut format comparable to LIV. A response to the LIV risk comes with reports the renegade series is about to announce 7 new player finalizings immediately after the playoffs conclude with the Trip Championship next week in Atlanta. In associated news, Golf's most significant name, Tiger Woods, is set to meet with fellow PGA Tour gamers about the continued hazard presented by the all-new LIV Golf series. According to Fire Pit Cumulative and ESPN, Woods will headline Tuesday's players satisfying in Wilmington, Delaware, where the second of three playoff competitions starts on Thursday. An anonymous PGA Tour gamer told ESPN: "This is a conference to get the top 20 players worldwide on the exact same page about how we can continue to make the PGA Tour the very best product in expert golf.".

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Cameron Smith LEAVES PGA Trip For MORE Cash With LIV Golf.

PGA Exposes Their Strategy To Damage LIV Golf.

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  1. Competition is part of business. This is NOT about preserving integrity, it’s about inclusion. The players in the PGA tour have been trying to get these changes for years! Phil will be restored his legacy when people realize what golfers joining LIV realize…it’s because of LIV that the commissioner is “now” making changes…thank-you Phil!

    1. The PGA has been forced by LIV, to rethink how they treat golfers. However, unfortunately, the attitude of the KING of the PGA tour is disconcerting. If not for Tiger, Mcilroy and a few others he probably would and should have been fired.

  2. I love it……….. and for thode “fans’ with < 3 working brain cells, let me explain: Competition is the greatest asset to a free market provided that the competitors don't get too large like the mega coroproations of today. ( anti trust) . since when does America cry foul when a competitor enters the arena? Since Captain Dementia took frudulent control of the WH, thats when. Anyways, this is the best thing to happen to Golf in decades and i hope the PGA suffers first, then learns, then adapts... How i wish there was competition for the NFL so i could start watching good American football again.....

  3. I don’t understand how you can have all the information in its context yet not be able to pronounce the players names

  4. PGAT is Nothing more than a American Tour and they will continue to be a Top Tour in the States.
    LIV Tour will be the World Golf Tour and attract the best players around the World!!
    All Majors benefits, the rivalry between American players and World’s best players will be contested in the Majors only.
    The PGAT can keep there best tour in North America & American networks could continue broadcasting to US audiences.
    LIV will broadcast to the other countries around the World & put up Tournaments around the World.

    1. @Mark Musial they are travelling in style, and playing in the world’s best and most exotic locals…… the PGA is fast becoming the Q tour

  5. No cuts? If the golfer is having a couple of off days and finds himself hopelessly … no, redfaced and burning ears behind, can he just “call Gus” (AKA throwing in the towel) and quit competing in a LIV Tourney? Ala Segio Garcia in the last BMW 2022 Tournament?

    With no cuts do all the participating golfers (with no cuts cannot say “competing”) get a participation trophy? Just asking.

    1. @Paul J Cross STRIKE ONE! Right across the letters. Want to try for another pitch?

      I understand only too well. Paul I enjoy watching the professionals for many reasons. I see them on a beautiful course designed to give them nothing but headaches. I don’t see it as a competition between players in the field as much as craftsmen against Mother Nature. A course is a breathing living entity. Wind placing it’s impact on a spinning ball putting it nowhere close to its intended spot. Sun fall making shadows hide bogey lies and blinding the true nature of an up or downhill run. The crowd adding to the pageantry of play. The money is the bonus to the event.

      What I don’t appreciate is some bloody Johnny come lately loaded with petrodollars making a shambles of an entertainment that for decades provided me with innumerable moments of drama, wonder, amazement and a smile.

      The Saudis can give a fig about golf. They know the majority of non-professional players and fans for the most part are vocal, many politically so. CEO’s, Senators, Federal House of Representatives, Newspaper Editors, reporters, television executives, members of the judicial system and other folks whose thoughts and words oft make American social, governmental and international policy.

      Anyone who believes that LIV , the Saudis are in this, offering crazy money is for the love of the game (because it holds a true affection for them) is naively shortsighted.

      It’s a political ploy and the joke is on the easily misled. I am not one. The Saudis are not our friends. I am angered that they are using a beautiful endeavor for their own selfish gains.

      However I, like the Saudis, don’t give a fig if others follow the LIV Tour. Grand for them. I will continue to follow and support the PGA.

    2. @Mario Linares it’s golf, don’t overthink it…… and if you do…. maybe it’s time to touch grass

    3. @IamFriedChicken I’m fine. Looking beyond the here and now to the real reason(s) than what is laid before us is my keystone to survival and thriving. Enjoy LIV.

  6. If very recognisable players with “strange names” can’t even be pronounced correctly it makes whole video kinda irrelevant.

  7. What makes PGA records the standard for the industry? Why can’t LIV have their own standards and keep their own records and have their own major tournaments and assign their own world rankings. Why should it matter to the LIV players if they are invited to play in other tours around the world. LIV will eventually become the standard that all tours will copy and the PGA has not evolved into this new direction, they are attempting it now to combat the LIV movement but I think it is a little too little way to late. So, screw the PGA, screw their ratings and move on.

    1. I hope you’re not basing your opinion on Greg Norman’s leadership. His involvement alone is turning off players. He’s been trying to bring the Tour down for years and has made a lot of enemies. His involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle hasn’t helped.

    2. @Timothy Daniels Greg Norman is the new pioneer of golf. 8 billion people on earth no one watches golf. Liv golf will capture atleast billion people around the world while the PGA charity hold its charity events in the USA

  8. I was expecting this ! Its simple because even if liv players want to get back to pgatour the numbers game dont match up. These guys have already made 100 million plus … now pga ranking is based on money made …. 2. Liv and pga tour will do good if they stay seperate.
    Those who want quick and big money will go to liv those who love struggles of golf will stay with pga . Its fair to all players tho .. those who struggle those who are about to retire and those who can outshine .Golf can never ever become a spectator sport , it will always be a playing sport. given the cost and infrastructure probably 3-5 % of world population plays golf . America has 27000+ courses it has so much land and wasteland and 3 out of 4 majors are played there so we can safely say its an American sport and endorsed by the europeans … As asia gets affluent like the small countries of korea and japan, thailand and even australia which is 75% inhabitable .. the viewerships is limited to lets say another 5% of world population… and who has time to follow players for 4 days or even one day when the players are making millions and you are just watching your day off… that’s why the fun in golf is playing it yourself and with the recession and cost rising for playing and using practice there will be more drop in the people who have interest in this sport………without prejudice.

  9. Monahan is bad for golf. The way things went and are going with the LIV did not have to go down like it has. He needed to be a peacemaker not a jerk. He should have listened to the PGA tour players complaints and complied.
    Work on supporting the game of golf instead of yourselves. I have heard Jack Nicholas speak about the subject and was surprised how much more of an ambassador he is for the game of golf than anyone else I’ve ever heard speak.
    Just quit fighting idiots.

    1. Monaghan has the most important player on his side; sponsors. Sponsors who won’t risk their reputations and their business on a Saudi Arabian operation.

  10. There seems to be a lot of dire predictions for the future of both the LIV and PGA tours posted by vloggers that gets confusing for many. But actually IMHO as long as LIV has money to burn, the LIV tour will continue to exist as money talks, they say. The only problem is how will LIV continue to grow if it does not attract exciting newer, younger and better players, for you don’t want to watch the same aging golfers all the time. I’ve stopped listening to what others would say about the future of golf for both tours and just let it be so I’ll just sit back to wait and see what’s next to happen.

  11. Where does Charles Schwab get there money from for investments and sponsorship of the PGA?
    PGA players stating points shouldn’t be awarded because it’s only 54 holes.
    I guess points for BMW Championship won’t be awarded since only 54 holes played?
    What a bunch of hypocrites!!!!

  12. PGA Golfers make most of their money with corporate sponsors …unlike other sports that have teams and contracts for their players , PGA players are on their own ….LIV golf has broke that mold with contracts and teams like other sports …the PGA is now …club golf with tournaments they do not own or fund …the fans and corporations do .

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