PGA Players Are Coming Together To END LIV Golf..

PGA Players Are Coming Together To END .

Welcome back to . US PGA Trip gamers are "fed up" and unifying for a fight against the upstart Saudi-backed Series, US Presidents Cup captain Davis Love III said Tuesday. Love, who named Steve Stricker and Webb.

LIV Golf staged its third $25 million event last week in New Jersey with Sweden's Henrik Stenson winning his debut after being axed as Europe's 2023 Ryder Cup captain

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    1. Paul right on let’s get on to better things to claim has beens or not great golfers in Liv is absurd .Love it so far!!

    1. Golf needs to drop the pretensiousness, LIV is a good start. Golf is great, Golf people are uptight and cringe

    2. @John Riley all money is blood sweat and tears. Money doesn’t grow on printing machines like the US federal reserve. Why has the PGA been tax exempt? Where did the billions of dollars go?

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