LIV Golf Patrick Reed REOPENS Law Suit.. Here’s Why

Patrick Reed REOPENS Law Suit. Here's Why

Invite back to . Patrick Reed's attorneys refiled a $750 million defamation claim on Thursday, including Golf Channel's Damon Hack, Shane Bacon and Eamon Lynch, along with Golfweek and its moms and dad business, Gannett. Lynch is also a Golfweek columnist.

The suit, initially filed Aug. 16 in a federal court in Texas and now in Florida, alleges conspiracy, character assassination, damaging fallacy and tortious interference and that the protectors have actually acted "in performance as joint tortfeasors."

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's Patrick Reed refiles $750 million disparagement claim against Golf Channel, employees

#Breaking LIV Golf's Patrick Reed refiles $750 million character assassination suit versus Golf Channel

Patrick Reed SUES Golf Channel, Brandel Chamblee for DEFAMATION- Looks For $750 Million

LIV Golf Patrick Reed REOPENS Law Suit.. Here's Why

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