LIV Golf Is Taking OVER The PGA Tour.. Here’s Why

Is Taking OVER The PGA Tour. Here's Why

Invite back to . Just hours after being fired as the captain of Europe's Ryder Cup team, Henrik Stenson revealed on Wednesday that he is joining the renegade Saudi-backed Series. The 46-year-old Swede mentioned in a statement, "After much thought, I have picked to join some of my fellow pros and complete in the LIV invitational series. Stenson revealed his "excellent disappointment" at being not able to work as captain for the next Ryder Cup in Italy.

The choice to eliminate Stenson as captain may widen divisions within the sport as more prominent professional athletes defy the existing circuits and sign up with the new, profitable circuit.Ryder Cup Europe stated in a statement that Stenson's period as skipper for the biennial competition versus the United States in Rome had actually been brought to an end "with instant effect". LIV Golf also revealed the signing of world No. 36 Jason Kokrak and three-time winner on the PGA Tour, Charles Howell III.

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LIV Golf Is Taking OVER The PGA Tour.. Here's Why

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  1. As a guy who watches the golf Majors, there is something fascinating about the LIV/PGA duel outside of the actual golf. It reminds me a little of free agency in other sports… should a high profile player sign with his long-time but small market team or, should he sign the huge contract with the big name team?

    1. Yeah, when LIV golf came on the sceen, the first thing I said to myself was, “where have I seen this before in sports?”

  2. This video is payed from PGAT and DPT, jajajajajajaja the rebels like star wars, chill out and enjoy more Golf than ever!!!

  3. This is what BUYING EVERYTHING from overseas gets us… THEY OWN US NOW. – My advice… teach your children Chinese so they can more effectively beg for food.

  4. GOLF DISTRICT – U HAVE USED THIS TITLE OVER 4 TIMES. Talk about needing attention. Your titles are miss leading. Grow up.

  5. Yeah, those black athletes make way too much money. Disrespectful to the flag and all. But hey, those white golfers should be allowed to make as money as possible. Even if it means doing business with Saudis. You know, the country where 15 of the 19 highjackers on 911 where from. Scotty beam me up.

    1. This has nothing to do with race, if I remember correctly tiger woods was offered a contract with LIV. 15 out of the 19, 9/11 terrorist were from Saudi Arabia. How many of the troops were from the United States that killed 100k civilians in Iraq, because of weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist.

    2. Tiger was offered. And he turned it down. As far a race issue, I’m simply referring to the population of this country that complains about athletes making too much money. They are generally conservative and referring to black athletes. I know this because I’ve witnessed it first hand on several occasions. As far as Iraq, I agree with you.

    3. @Jimmy Jack Thanks for spreading the truth about that. Americans need to be told the truth about themselves. They think they’re saints.

    4. @ALIENS ARE REAL We definitely aren’t saints, but I wouldn’t live in any other country.

    5. @Thayer Johnson I’m conservative, and most of my friends including liberals think all athletes make to much money. I think that the people aren’t complaining so much about how much black athletes make, they are complaining that they say how terrible the country is but wouldn’t be making the money in any other country.

  6. It’s funny when people bring up Liv backed by Saudi’s but yet the Saudi’s invest billions into western companies but I don’t hear a peep about it so next time when you buy your Star Bucks (backed by Saudi’s) think about that

  7. We are the ones supporting corporations and large companies that outsource jobs overseas for cheap labour it’s not rocket science, shareholders in a company make more money on their investment.

  8. Once they start signing the younger players, the PGA tour will fizzle out & unfortunately everyone will forget about tiger & Jack cause u only live once & that’s your opportunity, The PGA Tour is making an enormous mistake cause they will NOT pay the next generation of “Players” like LIV will🤷‍♂️

  9. These players better enjoy their money. Invest it wisely. Enjoy kissing trumps ring this week. You’re owned!

  10. Her Americans are paying taxes to support most every Muslim country spending millions of dollars and here one rich Sadie’s buy golfers for billions just stupid. I won’t watch this crap golf plus volunteers don’t work for free make Sadie’s pay for you to.

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