LIV Golf And LPGA Tour JOIN Forces.. But Why?

And LPGA Trip Sign Up With Forces. However Why?

Invite back to . The LPGA commissioner, Mollie Marcoux Samaan, mentioned that if Greg Norman telephoned about working together with , she would be open to his concepts. The Palm Beach Post was notified by Norman last week that is "100%" interested in ending up being included with the ladies's video game. Of course, LIV has caused turmoil by luring prominent males's golfers far from the PGA Trip.

According to Marisa Fassi of the LPGA circuit, it has acquired a great deal of traction there. If provided a lot of cash, the whole tour may depart, according to Cristie Kerr. In light of this, it would be more rational for the LPGA to work together with LIV than to lose all or most of its players. "I think everybody care a lot about this tour," Fassi mentioned. We do not actually wish to go, in my viewpoint.

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LIV Golf And LPGA Tour JOIN Forces.. But Why?

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  1. LPGA has a Lot of Foreign players, lot more than PGA.
    Ladies tour is popular in Asia.
    Ladies tour is dominated by top players that are Foreign players.
    It makes since for LPGA to align with LIV Tour. It would benefit Foreign Ladies by playing more in there homeland.

    1. Absolutely. Asian sponsors dictate what the LPGA does. The Commissioner will do what she’s told by them.

  2. Saudi’s making 100’s of billions from oil sales with oil near all time high prices. They won’t be missing a few billion invested in LIV golf tour.

  3. Monahan probably steps down within a year if he continues his all-or-nothing stance. Who fires him? If the TV exec’s say he has to go, he’s gone.

    1. @Arthur Seamon I believe so as well, but sadly he’s grossly overpaid and there probably is an ‘failure to perform’ clause in his bylaws statement with the PGA Tour board…

  4. LPGA is doing what Monahan should have done, listen and engage in talks on how to make golf move forward to the next generation. LPGA is correct in discussing how to keep the tour intact and still allow growth with the LIV format. The money aspect will be tricky because at present, the LPGA is not generating revenues as the men’s tour. However, with LIV, they might be able to take the next level and generate the revenues they’ve been aspiring for years in the shadow of the PGA. A mix men and women team format is very interesting. The team purse would definitely be shared for both men and women achieving the equal pay objective. If this happens, LIV can now sell their package to networks that want to broadcast the tournaments on main stream tv.

  5. The PGA cannot afford the LPGA to join LIV. Just think of the dozens of viewers that will be lost. I mean the LPGA revenue stream alone has to be 30 or 40 bucks a year. The PGA is in trouble.

  6. The PGA is turning into a g league or triple a league… Lol… All the fan favorites and golfers who the fans follow and adore the most have left and are leaving… Lol

    1. No chance🤣 majors will ban theseguys before the end of the year. Getting rid of these guys the fans “love and adore” is only clearing up the stale roster for new fan favorites. Ie Henrik didn’t make any of his last 7 cuts on the real tour. So why was he out there exactly?

      PGA will always be the most elite place to test the best golfers in the world. Don’t let liv fool you with a party

  7. For the best ladies golf environment. It’s has been a long awaiting for the prize money to be increase. Since LPGA can’t do that, let’s other organizations who can do that.

  8. They will join because LPGA has had the 3 round format forever except for majors. As far as televised sports go 4 round allday format is BORING!!!! I love golf and watching golf but the 4 round format is dead.

  9. LPGA has hosted the 6 tournament Aramco Series, funded by the same Saudi government PIF, for 3 years. Same 4 person teams with captains model. Full part of LPGA run joint venture Ladies European Tour for 3 years now. Full LET and world ranking points. No bans. Top USA golfers Lexi Thompson, Nelly & Jessica Korda, Danielle Kang among LPGA stars that played the Aramco tournament in USA in October 2021. Chuckling for months here that golf media & fans have ignored bashing the women.

  10. People act like this is the first time money has helped drastically reduce prejudice. For years, major league sports rode off the backs of blacks and the blood money the Jews made off black lives are no different than the money the “women hating” Saudi would stand to make off females. The end result is more money in women’s pockets means more respect they’ll ultimately get. Let’s not pretend like the history is more important than the money… you remove money from the sport and careers would go with it. Whereas if you remove the history from sports, careers would all still be there. 🙌

  11. Come on tiger… now after the desertors left the PGA might have a chance to win.. some pga event..!!! look at tony Finau… won twice back to back… no pressure there…!!!!

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