How LONG Did Scottie Scheffler TOP The World Rankings..

The Length Of Time Did TOP The .

Invite back to District. For the channel today, we are going to learn How long was on top of the ? + Most dominant players of perpetuity. For the 9h time in his profession, sits as the No. 1 golf player on the planet.

He replaces Scottie Scheffler who was ranked as World No. 1 for quite a long time. To be precise, Scheffler was the world's leading golfer from March 28 to October 23, an overall of 30 weeks! View this video now for more information with concerns to How long was Scottie Scheffler on top of the world rankings? + Many dominant golfers of all time.

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Scottie Scheffler granted the 2022 Jack Nicklaus Award on College GameDay.

Best golf enthusiast worldwide Scottie Scheffler the man on top #golfswing #golf.

Who is the G.O.A.T. in professional golf?

How LONG Did Scottie Scheffler TOP The World Rankings..

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