How Cameron Smith REALLY Feels About Joining LIV Golf..

How REALLY Feels About Signing Up With LIV .

Invite back to the District. Today on the channel we're going to be speaking about How REALLY Feels About Joining LIV . if you're excited for more information about this then make certain you enjoy the whole method through since you don't wish to miss the details we have for you!

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How Cameron Smith REALLY Feels About Joining ..

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  1. Didn’t watch video, just wanted to say that all the guys that went to LIV are basically rich, but non-existent as professional golfers. Cam has money, but his game sucks due to the bush, exhibition golf tour he is on now!!!! How about his awesome game at the Australian PGA??? That’s what happens when you play golf in the minor leagues!!!!! What an embarrassment. PGA TOUR RULES!!!!!

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