Greg Norman Will DEFEND LIV Golf In Washington D.C..

Will DEFEND LIV Golf In Washington D.C.

Invite back to . LIV Golf CEO will head to Capitol Hill later today where he is set up to sit down with lawmakers in an attempt to improve the company's public image.

The LIV Golf Invitational Series released previously this year and has stayed in the news for the legal fight with the PGA Trip and criticism it continues to get for its usage of Saudi financing. Meanwhile, Greg Norman assured that he has "no interest in discussing" with the PGA or relating to them, in declarations to the newspaper 'The Australian '. Inspect this video out and stay upgraded!

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Greg Norman Will DEFEND LIV Golf In Washington D.C..

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  1. Honestly this saga is damaging Golf. Its splitting opinions in ground level Golf Clubs and memberships. Suggest come to the table and work out a system that works in everyones best interest. The PGA is not squeaky clean and neither is LIV. Howevr do not allow Monohan or Norman into the Negotiation

  2. The PGA Tour will refuse to even have a discussion and will not accept anything less than a complete monopoly – which is currently has.

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