Greg Norman Is A HYPOCRITE.. Here’s Why

Is A HYPOCRITE. Here's Why

Invite back to . Here's a industry expert for you, fanatics. As his heated argument with golf broadcaster Brandel Chamblee took another explosive turn, is being accused of hypocrisy. got extreme criticism, to which Brandel Chamblee reacted by calling Greg Norman a hypocrite. During a Q&A session with The Palm Beach Post, Norman released a stunning attack on the Golf Channel specialist, referring to him as a "paid talking bobblehead."

Chamblee has actually been amongst the most singing critics of Norman's Saudi-backed endeavor LIV Golf, which he has actually identified as nothing but a tool of 'sportswashing'. "I find it laughable," Norman pointed out of Chamblee's views. "Has Brandel Chamblee ever been to Saudi Arabia? Has he ever built a golf course in a 3rd world nation? He's a paid speaking bobblehead. That's all he's. That prompted a furious response from Chamblee, who tweeted old text messages he declares to have actually received from Norman, which he states highlights the Australian's hypocrisy. "Keep being you and call it the way you see," one of the messages reads." Refreshing." Chamblee added: "Amusing how when I 'call it as I see it's about LIV, it's not so revitalizing to Greg."

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Greg Norman Has Been Labelled A HYPOCRITE … Here's Why

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Greg Norman Is A HYPOCRITE.. Here's Why

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  1. Lets see Brandel won a major on the PGA. Oh wait a minute he didn’t. He’s not a good announcer. He’s never made good points. Golfing greats don’t follow what he is talking about. The world of golf would be better if he was quiet.

  2. The two really don’t belong in the same sentence. When they were both in their prime Chamblee couldn’t have carried Normans clubs.

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