Golf Rebels Are NOW Allowed To Play The US Open & Players Are PISSED..

Golf Rebels Are NOW Allowed To Play The US Open & Players Are PISSED.

Invite back to . For the channel today, we will talk more about Golf rebels given a shock green light to play the US Open. According to the United States Golf Association, players who took part in the opening event of the LIV Golf Invitationals are totally free to play in the United States Open.

In a launched declaration of the USGA, it will be unfair for them to ban those gamers who registered and got huge cash paying for the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational Series which was held in London. Examine this video out as we talk about Golf rebels provided a shock green light to play the US Open.

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Golf Rebels Are NOW Allowed To Play The US Open & Players Are PISSED..

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  1. That report sounds suspiciously like an LIV promotion. Countless inaccuracies, and misperceptions.

  2. Sorry Mr Clickbait, I seem to have missed the part where Tiger was saying they should be banned. That was the implication by your introduction picture. Unsubscribed.

  3. The PGA TOUR does not own the entire golfing WORLD! It’s about time they are brought down a notch or 2?

  4. PGA so selfish organization shame on them. LIV tournaments are new, fresh and welcome addition to Golf .

  5. Players earned the right to play in the majors, players don’t own anything to the PGA.

  6. The PGA just want to maintain their monolpoly……….bring on some new competition!

  7. Why not?.Same for British Open! As a golfer you qualify you play…as far as the legacy…Arnie and Jack blew it up mid 60’s ….why not do it again!

  8. Guys , I wonder if the al the faces that you screen shot with your F bomb’s as if each of them are the quoted one liners of the big name player in your screen field , I normally don’t leave negative comment but this topic from your consistently reported narrow view of the whole picture while defaming and bombbasting these professionals private biss. decisions and maliciously with ill intent like they broke the secret creed of skull and bones and all this thru a narrow tunnel view , whereas if a reason for your plot against these pros that you find support of this campaign were equally tested to the PGA you stump for were deligently researched for comparative’s to your qualifying neg. then if honest dive in and you would find that your poor Golf asso. would come up worse on every point you try and make , I’m certain , therefore you guys might consider renaming your channel ” The PGA Boot Licker Boys ” because you have a very questionable motive based upon time spent to fairly place your support after having weighted your negatives to your Golf Corp , you clearly , but blindly support , This is just my opinion so please folks don’t beat me up for it unless you can check your Golf Corp and the Land it hails from and find it squeaky clean . Bless All !

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