Cameron Smith May ACTUALLY Join LIV Golf..


Invite back to District, today on the channel we are going to take a look at information as Stops Working To Deny LIV Rumours + OTHER RELATED GOLF NEWS. Cameron Smith carded an astonishing bogey-free 64 to win the 150th Open, but with the Aussie's name related to LIV Golf in current times it was possibly not a surprise that he was asked to clarify his position throughout his winning interview at St Andrews. "Web cam, apologies for needing to bring this up in these circumstances, but your name continues to be discussed, has been pointed out to me this week about LIV golf," a journalist asked. "What's your position? Are you interested? Is there any fact to tips that you might be signing?" "I simply won the British Open, and you're inquiring about that. I believe that's quite not that excellent," a plainly frustrated Cameron Smith responded.

The reporter then entered once again with: "I value that, however the question is still there. Are you interested at all? Exists any truth because?" Smith stopped working to seize the day to deny the reports, stating: "I don't know, mate. My team around me worries about all that stuff. I'm here to win golf tournaments." The reality that Smith, whose name has been banded about around St Andrews today as a possible finalizing for the Saudi-backed Series, failed to provide an unequivocal denial will simply add more fuel to the rumour mill that more high profile LIV Golf signings are set to be announced. Rumours and reports around Ryder Cup captain Henrik Stenson are not decreasing either. Most recently, Swedish paper Expressen is reporting that the Ice Guy is on the verge of signing up with the Greg Norman-fronted operation. Stay tuned for more about Cameron Smith Stops Working To Deny LIV Golf Rumours and other related news.

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Cameron Smith May ACTUALLY Join LIV Golf..

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  1. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine anderee Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  2. Our own commander & chief lost how many Americans on a failed pullout from Afghanistan ….no word on that !!!

  3. Cam Smith on the 18th green at the Open shouldve slapped on a keffiyeh or shemagh and a thobe and been handed a 150000000 golf sized check from LIV and ran around with that gold medal and spittoon jug the Open gives u with that huge check, wouldve been the greatest moment in sports history, forget Jackie Robinson, forget Jesse Owens at ’36 Berlin Olympics showing up Ol’ Hitler this wouldve been the greatest moment

  4. A new league starts up. PGAT throws a hissy fit. OMG a new league! Holy I don’t know what to do? So, the incompetent bureaucrats, Jay M. etc. decided to lobby Wash DC!! Lol.That was their response to new competition. At this point we might actually see TOTALLY REPLACE the PGAT…….that is how bad Jay M. is.

  5. It has nothing to do really with Saudi, it’s that thing that sticks in your throat, how can such mediocre players who don’t have to win make more money then they would ever earn if they were even winners? It’s like free money to play golf.
    Traditionally you earn that money by being the best, if it’s there I guess then like other pro athletes you get a salary.
    We’re envious and so too are the other players, pga and other tours who aren’t invited to play. Really can’t blame either side , if the money flows grab it.

  6. It’s funny how all these guys have gone over to Saudi and played for appearance fees since 9/11. Now all of sudden it’s blood money and a problem.

  7. Jay is going to be remembered as the guy who destroyed gplf by driving players apart , yet they are all contractors

    1. It is not destroying the game! LIV has nothing to do with the GAME of golf! It’s all politics and money. It has nothing to do with the game. The game of golf will still thrive because people love it.

  8. LIV golf better coverage, better commentary, better format, better sound, better filming, RIP PGA

  9. To me, LIV Golf is more like some exhibition golf. I don’t understand why the PGA Tour doesn’t allow its members to play an occasional LIV event and still be a PGA Tour member as long as the player abides by the minimum required tournaments played, which I think is 15 events per season. There are many U.S. companies doing business with Saudi Arabia and I don’t see these companies being protested. The PGA Tour also takes sponsor money from some of these companies. So, why the double standard?? I don’t know, but I will watch both tours because I love golf.

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