Cameron Smith Is HATED By The PGA Now.. Here’s Why

Is Disliked By The PGA Now. Here's Why

Invite back to . Australian enthusiast has been heckled by fans throughout the 3rd round of the US PGA Trip's St. Jude Champion. Smith, the 2022 British Open champ, has been once again linked with a transfer to the questionable LIV tour today in a deal supposedly worth over $100 million. The 28-year-old has actually declined to confirm or deny the rumours with his full focus on carrying out in St. Jude. Smith, who continues to be questioned about LIV Golf, has actually been not able to escape the story on and off the golf course.

During the third round on Saturday, Smith needed to handle one particular fan crucial of his reported defection and branding him a "sellout". In spite of the interruption, the Aussie handled to keep his focus to shoot a three-under 67 that leaves him simply two shots off the overall lead held by J.J. Spaun (-13) going into the last round. Victory at the opening PGA Tour FedEx Cup playoffs tournament would hand Smith the world top ranking after Scottie Scheffler, who is presently in top area, missed out on the cut on Friday. On the increased diversions he's faced this week, Smith included: "There's definitely been a couple of more, however for me, I'm simply attempting to strike the very best shot I can. That's what I'm here to do is to strike great golf shots and make birdies."

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Cameron Smith trying to block out the noise at FedEx St. Jude Champ.|Golf Central|Golf Channel

Cameron Smith Is HATED By The PGA Now.. Here's Why

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  1. Could the LIV golf league just start their own broadcasting company and try to get it televised here in the states?

  2. Oh boo hoo! I don’t really care what the PGA feels… The PGA stance on players not being able to play anywhere else is ridiculous and PGA’s loss. The new LIV golf is great for all players and fans… The 2022 Boston was great. … oh yeah players may wear shorts too…

    1. How sad that these golfers think of themselves as independent contractors.they are now employees of the stadium tour and have to play when that tour says to play!I will rejoice when Phil gets dumped next year because if his pathetic play!!!

    2. So if you work for Google can you get a job at Apple while you work for Google? Do you have job rules that you must abide by?
      I know the answer.

  3. Cam played in the LIV event in Boston this weekend, he already signed on and is playing. He shot -14 and was only one off the leader(s)


  5. Just think how much money the pga makes and then has the little of amounts for tournaments to be won and they pay off the top players to keep them happy. What about the players that don’t play well all the time. They get screwed. And mean they pay tiger to show up. Wtf

  6. I still won’t watch or try to find any type of broadcast that involves liv golf.
    I do like most of the guys playing there now. However, golf wasn’t all about the money before liv. I mean really – those guys don’t even have to win the tournaments, and their still millionaires. How much money do they need? Yes I know – at least 100 million!
    They are no different then any other person that plays games for a living! It has nothing to do with the game or what the game means or stands for. All it is about – is more money. Very sad, if it means anything at all.

  7. He will end up making LESS money. Sponsorships are where the real money is. No one wants to watch what is no more than exhibition tournament with mostly used up golfers.

  8. Absolutely not a fan and supporter of Saudi Petrobucks golf. However I won’t be heckling LIV golfers. They worked hard to get the offer to join, they have themselves and family financial future to consider. So good for them.

    I am PGA and PGA Tour Golf. The history and yes pageantry of the tournaments still carry weight with me than a Johnny come lately enterprise of dubious agenda. I believe the Saudis are trying their best to scrub their bloody robes clean with golfers and petrodollars.

    I’m not buying it. The horror of 9-11 still burns in me.

  9. someone enlighten me, PGA golfers play for free? I guess what this monopoly pays the players vs what they take in, I guess the players do play for free…my bad
    the monopoly that is the PGA sure spews the propaganda. hope PGA folds

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