Anthony Kim Set To Earn MILLIONS If He Retires AGED 29..

Set To Make MILLIONS If He Retires AGED 29.

Welcome back to . United States golfer has a tough decision to make– at simply 29 years of ages, from professional for $10 million, or threat losing $10 million and keep playing. What would you do? Kim supposedly has a financially rewarding insurance plan out on a career-ending injury worth $10 million tax-free, according to sports firm IMG, though some friends near Kim claim it might be even more.

Sports would not be the very same without remarkable, dominant professional athletes. Sadly, however, some of these athletes are required to at a young age, and in their prime, due to the fact that of personal or physical factors. Here are the best athletes in sports history that retired method prematurely.

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Anthony Kim Set To Earn MILLIONS If He Retires AGED 29..

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